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SKIF A-3000 -- вид сбоку  

  SKIF A-3000

 –  Standard high elevation changeable front sight for
     precision shooting;
 –  Standard size underframe mounting groves for accessories
 –  Double sided knob for easy gun disassembling and
 –  Backward moving coarse grooved steel slide allows easy
     reloading and cocking the hammer in single action mode
     for precision shooting;
 –  Single moulded fibreglass reinforced polyamide frame has
     a nonslip grip with coarse grooves for easy handling by
     users with eiher large or small hands;
 –  Realistic combat-like grooved trigger guard is easy to use
     with one or two hands even when wearing gloves;
 –  Ambidextrous double-sided magazine release catch;
 –  Magazine cover for aiding magazine removal from the grip.


Technical Information

  Calibre .177/4,5mm/BB
  Dimensions  185x144x36,8 mm 
  Weight not loaded/loaded 720/785 g
  Barrel length 116,5 mm
  Magazine capacity 28 pellets or BB
  Number of shots with one  
  CO2  cartridge
min 90 shots
  Barrel grooves 6 (right)
  Groove length 400 mm
  Grouping (distance 10m) 1...2 inches
(25..50 mm)

 –  Full-size plastic magazine for loading any types of pellets
     allows to shoot from any position. Magazine is simply
     installed or removed from the grip;
 –  Unique mechanism for cartrige replacement in your gun is
     integrated with single moulded fiberglass reinforced
     polyamide plastic frame;
 –  Steel black finished extended slide release is countoured
     for easier control by the thumb;
 –  Safety control lever mounted on the frame of SKIF A-3000
     pistol is designed to be controlled by the thumb of
     right-handed users. It is spring-actuated in two positions:
     "FIRE" and "SAFE";
 –  Release button for simple reload of empty CO2 cartridge
     at the back of the grip.

SKIF A-3000 -- баллон и обойма
SKIF A-3000 -- Новая конструкция обоймы     p:r> Прицел

 –  Transparent polycarbonate plastic magazine with
     conveyer-type feeding mechanism of containers with any
     type of lead, plastic or steel pellets and steel BBs or lead
     balls, loaded in any sequence. Maximum pellet's length
     should be no more than 0.3 inches (7.6 mm) and calibre
     .177/4.5 mm BBs.

 –  Manufactured by MIM (Metal Injection Mouldmng)
     technolodgy rear sight features micrometer left-right
     adjustment mechanism for different distance shooting
     positions with changeable high elevation front sight
     marked with 3 bright white dots;

 –  Steel hammer manufactured by MIM technology allows
     to cock the gun for shooting in single action or double
     action mode.

 –  Moving 6-grooves rifled steel barrel (High Pressure Machine
     manufactured) guarantees maximum precision and durability.
     SKIF pistol permits shooting with any type of lead, plastic
     or steel pellets and steel BBs with maximum length no more
     than 0.3 inches (7.6 mm).

SKIF A-3000 -- вид спереди

Pellet Weigt, gr Muzzle velocity, m/s
"Diabolo" 4.0 160
"Match" 7.9 120
"Super domed" 10.2 105
Round pellets 9.8 110
BB 5.5 130
SKIF A-3000

SKIF A-3000

SKIF A-3000 Silver

SKIF A-3000 Silver

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